Maximize driver on-time performance and productivity for pickup & delivery operations.

Key Benefits

Inbound Routing

Route Planning

Create routes that minimize cost while meeting all customer requirements. Ensure that trucks are empty at the right places and at the right times to reduce missed pickups.

Choice of Optimization Mode

Choose your preferred optimization method – from fully automated to fully manual. Get instant feedback about cost and ETA changes. Exclude special routes, like grocery warehouses, from optimization.

Driver & Equipment Management

Create an optimal and executable route plan by easily configuring RouteMAX based on the day’s current constraints, including driver and trailer availability, vehicle capacity and special equipment needs (e.g., liftgate) at each terminal.

Pickup & Delivery Management

Stay Informed in Real Time

See the status of all trucks using an intuitive interface. Receive real-time alerts about developing problems, such as late deliveries, missed pickups and trucks that are out of route or at unauthorized stops.

Easy Driver-Dispatcher Communication

Easily pass data and instructions between drivers and dispatchers with the RouteMAX mobile app. Collect data about stop times, deliveries, exceptions and pickup bills with minimal driver keystrokes.

Analyze for Continuous Improvement

Ensure nothing is overlooked by continuously measuring P&D productivity and monitoring returns, 3PL load tenders, missed pickups and dropped trailers. Then, easily present results to dispatchers and revise the plan accordingly.

Built for LTL

RouteMAX is different. It’s designed exclusively for inbound routing and pickup & delivery management.

  • Operable and Optimal

    Suggested routes are not only optimal but also realistic and implementable.

  • Intuitive Workflows

    The complexity of LTL operations is addressed with a combination of easy-to-follow user workflows and powerful optimization.

We’ve worked in LTL for decades, and we understand the challenges and complex variables that LTL carriers face every day.

You will be able to maximize on-time performance and driver productivity with efficient routes, delay detection and dynamic routing.

RouteMAX gives users the reliable information they need to make the best routing and dispatching decisions and to deliver outstanding customer service. This includes efficiency measurement, data tracking, costing and claims mitigation.

Dispatchers can even use RouteMAX remotely, so expert users can dispatch multiple terminals.

Run a smoother city operation.

Inbound Routing

RouteMAX considers all the factors that an experienced human planner would consider, including:

  • Vehicle capacities

  • Available drivers

  • Distances between customers

  • Service times

  • Customer time windows

The system analyzes these constraints to meet all service requirements at minimum cost and minimum mileage.

Planners have the freedom to select specific shipments, like early morning appointments, for manual routing. After optimization, users can make manual adjustments.

RouteMAX makes local knowledge available to all users, allowing for quick and robust route planning where terminals are no longer dependent on one “key holder.”

Create efficient routes with the
optimization mode that’s right for you.

Fully Manual

Import shipments into RouteMAX and make manual decisions about each. Quickly assign single or multiple stops to routes while keeping track of cost and service effects.

Static Routing

Take the current way you build routes with zip code boundaries and improve it while honoring operational constraints. RouteMAX puts shipments onto the right routes automatically, with the option of running separate waves for different shipment arrival times.

No Zip Boundaries

Achieve maximum savings by leveraging RouteMAX’s full algorithmic capabilities to build routes without the restriction of zip code boundaries. Optimize routing and satisfy all operational constraints while building trap or appointment routes when needed.

Sequence Optimization

RouteMAX can optimally sequence stops within routes to minimize total miles driven while ensuring timely deliveries and pickups.

Pickup and Delivery Management

RouteMAX keeps track of your P&D operation, giving your dispatch team the information it needs to:

  • Make smarter decisions

  • Create accountability

  • Promote efficiency

  • Provide outstanding customer service

RouteMAX brings transparency to the P&D operation and seamlessly moves information between terminals, drivers and customers.

RouteMAX proactively suggests pickup assignments and route updates based on real-time data. Users always remain in control with the ability to accept or reject suggestions.

Drivers and dispatch, closer than ever.

Get the right data to the right people, immediately. With RouteMAX’s dedicated driver mobile app, critical information, such as new pickups, route updates, 3PL numbers and trailer drop locations, is quickly shared between drivers and dispatch.

Stay ahead of the competition.

We’ve got the right plan for you!

Whether you are only looking for an optimization engine to work inside your existing user interface or you need every advanced feature that we have to offer, RouteMAX is ready to meet your specific business needs.


    For companies interested only in route optimization

  • Sequence Optimization API
  • Static Routing API
  • Dynamic Routing API
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Mobile App for Drivers
  • Track-and-Trace of Shipments

    Realize the full potential of our powerful P&D optimization and intuitive workflows

  • All Features of Essential
  • User-Friendly Workflows
  • Inbound Planning
  • City Dispatch
  • Mobile App for Drivers
  • Track-and-Trace of Shipments

    End-to-end optimization of complete shipment movement

  • All Features of Premium
  • Customer Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Pickup Prediction
  • Integration with Dock and Linehaul Systems
  • Track-and-Trace of Shipments

Find out how much you can save with RouteMAX.