HaulVIEWR is a data analytics platform that gives the visibility of linehaul operations and facilitates data-driven decision making.

Data Visibility and Data Analytics

HaulVIEWR provides a high-level visibility of operations through important key performance indicators (KPIs), and also enables a deep dive into the data for root cause analysis. It analyses operational data on three dimensions:

  • Location

    Analysis on terminal, regional,
    or network level

  • Time

    Analysis for any time period in the past, e.g., yesterday, last week, last month, last quarter

  • KPI

    Analysis for different aspects of operations, e.g., cost, service, plan compliance

Using HaulVIEWR, you can determine what went wrong, when it went wrong, and where it went wrong. It also has alert capabilities and informs you proactively instead of you hunting for problems in your network. HaulVIEWR can be used for both full truck load (FTL) and less-than truck load (LTL) carriers.

Our Competitive Edge

There are several data analytics software products available on the market, e.g., Tableau, QlikView, Domo; however, none of these products are in use at most trucking companies. Why? Because building a truly useful solution is much more than using a simple visualization tool. It requires various processes that Optym provides with HaulVIEWR:


Integrating the product with the company’s databases and creating an automated data feed

Data Preparation

Performing data sanity checking and data correction before it can be used for analysis


Implementing the product and ensuring that it meets the business need


Visualizing the information so the user can quickly identify problem areas and perform root cause analysis

Our Competitors

No Integration

No Data Preparation

No Implementation


Key Features

Insightful Visualizations

We have developed interactive visualizations for several important KPIs relevant to the trucking industry based on decades of experience. HaulVIEWR also provides the platform to add other metrics quickly. You just need to tell us what you need.

Web-Based Hosted Solution

HaulVIEWR is a web-based system built using the latest technologies. We have used React framework for building visualizations (the technology used for Facebook), and implemented it using responsive design technology.


 You do not have to hunt for issues; HaulVIEWR can alert you by email when a KPI is out of the acceptable range.

Consulting Services

We not only provide you with a software product; we provide the consulting services to make it work for you. These consulting services include (i) understanding your business need and adapting our software product to meet your need; (ii) developing data visualizations for new KPIs not included in our software product; (iii) provide training to users so that they use the system correctly; and (iv) offer personal support to answer any questions.

Multiple User Groups

HaulVIEWR is designed to meet the needs of several user groups, and each user can quickly navigate to the data they need. Company executives can perform high-level KPI analyses and spot trends across several geographical areas and terminals. Terminal managers can perform a deep dive into the data for their terminal. Users can also export the data to Excel spreadsheets for additional analysis.

Data Integration

HaulVIEWR is designed to be integrated with a company’s existing databases. We can build ETL (extract, transform, load) processes so that the data is brought into the system automatically from the company’s databases without any human intervention. The data can come from one or more databases. We also do data sanity checking, check for errors, and, if necessary, correct errors automatically.

Key Benefits

Improved Operations

HaulVIEWR gives visibility of all operations to managers and executives. Greater visibility leads to greater accountability, which further leads to greater responsibility. When all workers realize that their decisions are being watched and they are held accountable, they perform better and operations automatically improve.   

Greater Plan Compliance

HaulPLAN can compare plans with the actual execution, and highlight the deviation between the two. The root cause analysis of the deviation will result in recommendations to improve the plan or the execution. In either case, both will be more aligned with one another.

Integrated Data Analytical Platform

Historically, companies have their data spread in multiple databases; the data is fragmented, disconnected, and sometimes inconsistent. HaulVIEWR brings all the data into one place and creates a connected, complete, and consistent database, and provides a single source of truth. It can become the main data source to meet all of an enterprise’s analytical needs.

Improved Service and Reduced Cost

Improved operations, greater plan compliance, and an integrated data platform will result in improved service quality for the company’s offerings and a reduction in overall cost – the two measures that matter most to a carrier.

Enhancements in the Works

Shipment Volume Forecasting

We have developed forecasting models that use historical shipment volume data and predict network and terminal volumes to an accuracy of at least 90%.

Additional KPIs

We will be adding new KPIs to HaulVIEWR in future releases related to pick up, delivery and linehaul operations. These KPIs will be made available to our clients.

Real-Time Data Visualization and Analytics

HaulVIEWR’s current data visualizations and analytics are for historical data; however, its architecture is designed for real-time analytics as well.

Custom Reporting

We plan to add custom reporting tools that will enable you to view your data exactly the way you want. Custom charts and reports will take your analysis to the next level.

Let our software drive your decisions.

See how HaulVIEWR can improve your operations