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Trucking companies carry over 70% of the freight tonnage moved in the United States, and these freight volumes are expected to grow over time due to increases in both population and consumption. There are two types of trucking companies: Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less-than Truck Load (LTL). Optym is focusing on developing optimization solutions to meet the needs of LTL companies.

Designed to improve the efficiency of LTL carriers

Haul by Optym is a suite of optimization solutions that provides end-to-end optimization of shipment movements, including pickup and delivery operations as well as linehaul movements. It comprises of planning systems, real-time execution systems, and monitoring systems.


Create better plans that honor various operational constraints and are executable.


Execute plans and make changes to plans taking into account shipment volumes on a day.


Analyze operational data and identify areas of improvement in planning or execution.

This integrated suite of planning, execution, and monitoring systems is groundbreaking in the LTL industry and meets a long-standing need. This suite will help you optimize your operations, reduce your operational costs by at least 5%, and improve your service quality.  

All the Tools You Need:

Integrate pickup & delivery operations with linehaul operations, and minimize your end-to-end shipment cost.

Create optimized static linehaul plans for your network, and update these monthly as shipment volumes change.

Execute linehaul plans and dynamically update them considering daily terminal volumes.

Perform disruption management while remaining focused on meeting service at lowest cost.

Monitor pickup, delivery, and linehaul operations. Compare plan with execution, find disconnects between the two, and either improve the plan or the execution.

Perform strategic planning studies such as terminal upgrade/downgrade, terminal location and capacity analysis, and tradeoff between linehaul cost and service quality.

Optym’s Haul Suite

Static Linehaul Plan Optimization

HaulPLAN creates optimized static linehaul plans based on historical shipment volumes and customer service commitments. This static linehaul plan forms the basis of day-to-day linehaul operations. HaulMAX uses the static linehaul plan as the starting point, and makes changes to it such as adding or cancelling schedules. We recommend using HaulPLAN on the monthly basis and keeping the static plan consistent with predicted shipment volumes. HaulPLAN can also be used for a variety of strategic planning studies.

Operational Visibility Platform

HaulVIEWR is Optym’s data analytics platform for giving visibility of actual operations. It gives a high-level overview of key performance indicators, and also enables drill down to the lowest level of details for deep dive analysis. It presents data analysis through interactive charts and data grids. HaulVIEWR is a web-based system built upon the latest technologies for storing, manipulating, and presenting data. HaulVIEWR’s platform is available to companies to build customized visualizations.

Dynamic Linehaul Optimization

Coming soon!

HaulMAX is a real-time dynamic linehaul optimization system that receives real-time shipment pickup information and creates a linehaul plan at each terminal – the number of schedules to make for each lane, their departure times, driver assignments, and what shipments to go in which schedule. Its goal is to maximize the capacity utilization of each schedule while meeting service commitments of shipments. This system recommends decisions that are optimal for the network, and is designed for use by Central Dispatch as well.

Pickup & Delivery Optimization

Coming soon!

RouteMAX assists a carrier in its daily pickup and delivery operations. Given the inbound linehaul shipments, it creates their delivery plan by a set of vehicles honoring vehicle capacity, delivery time windows, and other operational constraints. RouteMAX can also be used for pickup operations, and can dynamically update the routes in real-time as new information comes in.

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