Amadeus SkyWORKS by Optym provides numerous schedule alternatives to evaluate different business scenarios, and offers a central repository for all schedule-related information.

Key Benefits

Better Flight Schedules

Integrated platform to view and evaluate flight schedules via multiple graphical displays, used together to give a complete schedule representation, resulting in higher network profitability.

Increased Efficiency

Make structured, fast and accurate decisions with multiple users working on same schedule.

Superior Planning and Flexibility

Many scheduling what-if alternatives are created and evaluated, so more scenarios can be analysed.

Key Features

Faster Schedule Development

SkyWORKS provides users with the ability to view and update a flight schedule, evaluate the schedule against operational rules, and generate aircraft routings. Multiple views show schedule data from different perspectives, and all displays can be used to edit schedules.

Intelligent Decision Automation

SkyWORKS automatically identifies swap opportunities to fix common scheduling problems including minimum ground times, out of balance problems, gate violations, maintenance requirements, and extra aircraft. SkyWORKS also stores and calculates changes in passenger connections.

Efficient Data Management

SkyWORKS supports all the required scheduling data to develop flight schedules, and provides users with the capability to create, edit, save, copy, delete, import, export, compare and merge flight schedules all in near real-time.

Advanced Editing

SkyWORKS provides fast, easy editing of flight schedule data, enabling large scale or single day changes, depending on the type of scheduling changes needed.

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