A new-generation simulation system that creates more robust airline schedules which can easily withstand day-to-day disruptions due to weather, unplanned maintenance activities, and crew or flight delays.


How Does SkySYM Work?

SkySYM combines the latest simulation techniques with the newest software engineering techniques and packages them into an interactive decision support system.

Highly Accurate Simulation

SkySYM employs a discrete event simulation technique built using Optym’s proprietary simulation framework. This framework uses advanced data structures and parallelization techniques to perform rapid simulations and simulate enough to simulate the operations of mega airlines within minutes. It models airline operations in great detail by using advanced statistical techniques to determine business parameters. It achieves unprecedented accuracy in simulation results, with a level of over 95% in modeling most key performance indicators (KPIs).

SkySYM accurately simulates your network, which includes the modeling of:

  • Aircraft
  • Passengers
  • Crew / Staff
  • Weather
  • Baggage Handling Capacity
  • Airport / Runway Capacity
  • Ground / Maintenance / Baggage Delays

Automatic Model Updates

A simulation system typically requires a set of business parameters to run the system. These parameters are updated periodically as the business evolves and operations change. While most simulation systems are adjusted manually by the user – where correct calibration can be a daunting task – SkySYM contains a statistical utility that receives periodic data feeds from an airline’s databases and updates the set of parameters automatically. This eliminates the tedious task of rebuilding the model and results in an active and accurate simulation system.

Efficient Interfaces

SkySYM features the most intuitive user interfaces to analyze data inputs, run simulations, and disseminate the solution from different perspectives. SkySYM contains five views to analyze flight schedules – Network View, Station View, Market View, Route View and Animation View.

Built With Collaboration in Mind

SkySYM is a multi-user, multi-scenario system that facilitates collaborative decision-making. Multiple simulation scenarios can be analyzed through detailed tables, chart,s and maps. It also monitors all active optimization jobs across all users of the system.

The main focus of its design is to maximize efficiency and enable planners to do much more in less time.

Hot Spot Analysis

SkySYM’s hot spot analysis feature provides insight on the root causes of flight delays. It helps you identify flights that cause cascading delays and aircraft routes that are prone to frequent delays. This system can even provide recommendations for schedule improvement by adding slack where it is most needed. SkySYM enables you to modify inputs such as infrastructure data, operational constraints, flight schedules, and business process parameters to create various what-if scenarios. Analysis of these scenarios gives you a deeper understanding of your schedules and the many factors that impact your KPIs.

Use Cases

SkySYM is a multi-purpose software product that you can use at different stages of network and operational planning to create more robust schedules.

Flight Schedule Evaluation for Operability

SkySYM can assess the reliability (or robustness) of flight schedules so that you can consider both profitability and reliability while comparing schedules. Network planners can create multiple flight schedules with different constraints and evaluate these from a profitability perspective. These schedules do not take into account flight reliability as it is difficult to determine.

Schedule Optimization

SkySYM evaluates assumptions against simulated outcomes and generates feedback for the optimization engine. It identifies where the network is stressed or has slack and recommends increasing slack times at those places in schedules that are likely to cause delays.

Proactive Health Monitoring

SkySYM predicts operational KPIs and expected network behavior with a very high accuracy. Operational teams are better prepared with proactive flight cancellations, proactive passenger recovery, and the expected levels of ground staff resources for seasons in which significant disruptions are expected.

Robust Crew Planning

SkySYM can evaluate a crew plan with respect to recoverability, cost, and schedule reliability. This can help you create a more effective and comprehensive crew plan.

Key Benefits

Assess Schedule Reliability

Assess the reliability of flight scheduling before publishing it with respect to on-time flight arrivals, passenger connections, and crew connections.

Improve Flight On-Time Performance

Give weight to both profitability and reliability objectives while evaluating schedules to generate flight patterns with better on-time performances.

Plan Airline Strategy

Analysis regarding future network configurations, new infrastructure, and new fleet types can be done quickly using SkySYM, providing a quick evaluation for the expected operational cost.

Monitor Execution Efficiency

SkySYM provides benchmarks for operational KPIs that can be used as realistic targets for the operational team’s performance.

Reduce Operational Costs

Large airlines spend billions of dollars in costs over and above their planned costs due to various unplanned disruptions. SkySYM’s robust scheduling system will reduce disruptions and the costs they incur.

Achieve Greater Customer Satisfaction

The heart of any company – customer satisfaction is the most important metric. More robust schedules will result in fewer flight delays, fewer passengers missing their connections, fewer baggage delays, resulting in overall greater customer satisfaction.

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