Amadeus SkyPLAN by Optym decides how many frequencies to fly in each market to maximize the total expected revenue.

Key Benefits

Maximize Network Revenue

Determine the optimal frequency and capacity plan to maximize network revenue by identifying the ideal number of non-stop flights for every market.

Consistent Strategic Planning

SkyPLAN provides a systematic and objective approach to determine your airline’s frequency plan.  The frequency plan drives the revenue potential of any airline.

Seamless Integration

SkyPLAN becomes a critical input for SkyMAX, applying the same business assumptions across both systems in the Sky Suite, minimising revenue leakage, and further extending clean-sheet scheduling.

Key Features

Advanced User Experience

SkyPLAN manages the optimization model’s data, such as the cities to be considered, market sizes, average revenue per passenger, block times, average aircraft capacity, and other variables. SkyPLAN’s users can change numerous scenario assumptions and store the results for future reference.

Increased Revenue

SkyPLAN estimates the revenue for each origin-destination market, and then adds up the estimates. The revenue estimate in a specific origin-destination market is a multiplicative combination of three effects: market share, market size, and average revenue.

Superior Optimization Model

SkyPLAN uses a combination of proprietary algorithms and mathematical functions to calculate both nonstop frequencies and resulting connecting itineraries to maximize network revenue.

Sensitivity Analysis

SkyPLAN provides users with the ability to vary input assumptions and understand the impact on results.

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