A new-generation flight schedule optimization system that maximizes an airline’s total network profitability by determining the best flight time and fleet type for each flight leg.

The Most Advanced Network Planning & Scheduling Tool on the Market

How Does SkyMAX Work?

Advanced Optimization

SkyMAX generates flight schedules by solving a global optimization problem that tallies and evaluates millions of schedule combinations. It uses a novel solution methodology that combines mixed integer programming (MIP) and network optimization techniques to determine a near-optimal solution.

Both techniques utilize a time-space network, in which each node denotes a specific location at a specific time. Each flight schedule is represented as a flow of planes in this time-space network, and our methodology optimizes the flow through this network to maximize profitability while honoring all constraints.


SkyMAX considers numerous constraints while creating a clean-sheet flight schedule. For example, network planners could enter data that is inconsistent, or they may over-constrain the solution space so that there is no feasible solution.

SkyMAX has intelligent modules to detect inconsistent data and report to the user. It also detects over-constraining of solution space and automatically relaxes some constraints to achieve feasibility. The user has the ability to guide the system in what constraints to relax and in which order.

Multiple Optimization Modes

SkyMAX is a multi-purpose software product that be can used in several optimization modes, depending upon the need. This capability enables network planners to perform a variety of studies, develop insights on how to trade off between conflicting objective functions, and generate flight schedules that are best aligned with your airline’s current corporate objectives.

Clean-Sheet Mode

Generate a clean-sheet schedule an initial flight schedule, giving SkyMAX a large degree of freedom to optimize the schedule as long as all operational constraints are satisfied.

Improvement Mode

Improve an existing flight schedule’s profitability within a specified degree of freedom while satisfying all operational constraints.

Evaluation Mode

Given a flight schedule, generate itineraries (passenger routes), assign passengers to them, and calculate all financial KPIs (e.g., revenue, cost, profit, etc.).


Regardless of the optimization mode chosen, all of them are designed to improve:


Runs the optimizer to fix constraint violations (i.e., Fix Turn, Fix Gate, etc.) to improve schedule operability.

On-Time Performance

Runs the optimizer to improve schedule robustness.


Runs the optimizer to generate itineraries that maximize passenger connectivity.


Runs the optimizer to improve the desired profitability objective.


SkyMAX features an advanced user interface to input constraints, run and monitor various optimization jobs, and analyze resulting solutions from different perspectives.

SkyMAX is a multi-user, multi-scenario system that facilitates real-time decision making. Users can easily monitor the status of all active optimization jobs in the system, thereby maximizing their efficiency and allowing them to do more in less time.

Key Benefits

Maximized Profitability

The system balances network profitability and operational constraints to find the best times (for both non-stop and connecting traffic) and allocates the right aircraft to each flight in the schedule.

Improved Aircraft Utilization

Planners can develop more effective schedules that increase aircraft utilization by simultaneously adding a combination of fleeting and timing changes to the schedule.

Sensitivity Analysis/Infeasibility Finder

The system detects conflicts that may cause an infeasible schedule with respect to operational constraints, while automatically correcting input rules. The system also evaluates the cost of operational constraints relative to total profitability.

Faster Schedule Generation

The system rigorously builds flight schedules that satisfy all operational constraints, so that manual efforts are minimized.

Optimize Holidays and Special Events

The system optimizes schedules for peak travel days, such as holidays and special events, while also incorporating starting and ending transition schedules.

Enhanced Strategic Planning

Planners use the system to perform a variety of strategic analyses to evaluate different fleet types or network structures.

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