Amadeus SkyCAST by Optym is a network planning system that includes new destinations, flight timings, hub structures, alliances, code-shares, and competitive responses.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Network Profitability

SkyCAST’s accurate forecasts for passenger demand, revenue, and costs enable better decision-making and provide more business insights, resulting in increased network profitability.

Improved Strategic Planning

SkyCAST supports a consistent and objective evaluation of multiple what-if scenarios in hours, not days or weeks, and without needing extensive manual calibration.

Improved Transparency

SkyCAST provides different workspaces for basic and advanced users. Results of forecasts are available for easy analysis at flight, station, and market levels, and pinpointing the changes in the network.

Key Features

Advanced Forecasting Models

SkyCAST’s models consider passenger preference factors such as time of day, service type, airport preference, carrier preference, and other variables. The system’s traffic model converts forecasted demand of each itinerary into expected traffic, considering spill and recapture effects. New-generation features include cabin-level forecasting with up-sell, multi-airport city forecasting, market stimulation, change-based demand forecasting, and capacity-plan demand forecasting.

Advanced User Experience

SkyCAST allows users to add, remove, and modify forecast input data to easily create different what-if scenarios; the system also provides batch editing to accommodate multiple edits on large amounts of data simultaneously. The SkyCAST versioning system tracks and maintains all changes in the input data for each scenario. SkyCAST provides users with the capability of analysing and comparing the results of one or more forecast outputs directly from the client application using pivot tables.

Accuracy and Calibration Tool

SkyCAST automatically runs forecasts on previous years’ schedules (back-cast) and compares results with historical traffic data to determine detailed forecasting accuracy measurements and adjustments at the system, market, and flight levels.

Advanced Mathematical Techniques

SkyCAST is able to simulate passenger choice behavior and revenue management effects to calculate market shares, passenger traffic, passenger revenue, and detailed flight costs to forecast total network profitability of proposed schedules.

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