Deciding when and where to fly can be a complex process, but one that is essential to determining the revenue potential of every airline. With the advanced scheduling software provided by Optym, combined with Amadeus’ industry expertise and global reach, airlines can now optimize all of the aspects simultaneously to get the most out of their aircrafts and resources.

The Amadeus SKY Suite by Optym can be used by network planning and scheduling analysts, managers, and other network planning personnel to build better schedules, optimize their fleet of aircrafts and, ultimately, maximize their network profitability.

Do More With Sky

Comprehensive schedule development platform, including schedule optimization, forecasting, simulation, and route planning solutions.

Build better schedules – more time to focus on profitability and efficiency.

Match actual customer demand with airline capacity to achieve maximum profitability.

Analyze more schedules – develop schedules in hours, not days or weeks. 

With clean sheet scheduling, airlines can build optimal schedules from scratch without having to be limited to previous schedules. 

Improve operational performance – build reliable schedules that are more robust to withstand real-word conditions.

Flight Schedule Optimization System

SkyMAX determines the best times for each flight, matches each flight with an optimal fleet type to minimise spill, and honors various constraints to generate an implementable schedule. Learn more

Flight Schedule Simulation System

SkySYM tests a schedule’s robustness against real-world disruptions and operational constraints. The system acts as a highly accurate testing lab to evaluate the reliability of flight schedules before they are implemented; its simulations achieve over 95% accuracy in modeling most KPIs. Learn more

Frequency Plan Optimisation System

SkyPLAN determines the optimal routes of an airline consistent with its maximum revenue. SkyPLAN will produce results specifically customised to each airline’s unique objectives. The system’s output can then be used on a stand-alone basis or serve as input for SkyMAX. Learn more

Network Planning Forecasting System

SkyCAST is a system that forecasts total network profitability and evaluates proposed flight schedules. By simulating passenger choice behavior, SkyCAST explores different what-if scenarios including the destinations, flight timings, hub structures, alliances, code-shares, and competitive responses. Learn more

Flight Schedule Development Platform

SkyWORKS allows users to view, develop, and edit flight schedules in an intuitive manner. SkyWORKS enables large scale or single day changes, depending on the airline’s needs. The system provides numerous schedule alternatives to evaluate different business scenarios, and offers a central repository for all schedule-related information. Learn more

If you are interested in our current or future products in the Sky Suite, please contact us and schedule a demo.