Railroads have built communities and nations for centuries, transporting everything from boats to ball bearings across prairies, deserts and mountain ranges. As populations have increased, the rail industry has expanded into several complex networks of tracks, yards, trains, locomotives and crews, making it more difficult to manage the planning and scheduling of these assets to maximize their productivity.

Optym′s network planning and scheduling systems increase the efficiency of railroad networks with solutions that optimize their planning, execution, and management. Our clients include some of the world′s largest railroad carriers, such as CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern, BNSF Railways and Canadian Pacific Railway.

Your Challenges

Optym understands the challenges faced by railroad companies as they innovate to
bring greater efficiency to all areas of their operations.

Reducing Cost and Increasing Profitability

Railroad teams face several questions: how to use their capacity most effectively and move the most trains; how to operate their yards to maximize their throughput; and how to keep their locomotives busy. Using their assets most effectively is the key to their profitability.

Improving Service Quality

Railroads have historically earned their business due to lower cost of service, but at the price of reduced service quality. To attract more business, they must offer reliable and predictable service, and doing so at reasonable cost is their key challenge.

Increasing Railroad Automation

With the ongoing retirement of experienced personnel, railroads are losing domain expertise. Railroads must capture human experience and insight with software systems so that tech savvy persons with less experience can make better decisions.

Data Visibility and Data Quality

Railroad data often is stored in multiple databases, contains quality issues, and is not well integrated. Decision makers have difficulty making informed choices because the right data is not available at the right time and in an appropriate format.

Our Solutions

Rail by Optym is a suite of network planning and scheduling systems that assist in every aspect of the rail business – train scheduling, locomotive scheduling, crew scheduling, yard planning, and train movement planning. Our data analytics solutions prepare the right data in the right format.

Our simulation solutions then use this data to perform a variety of what-if studies and recommend the optimal configuration, and our optimization products use it to evaluate countless options to recommend the best one.

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