Gainesville, FL – On July 26, 2016, Optym achieved ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certification. In today’s digital age, the certification is particularly significant, allowing us to demonstrate to our clients and partners that we regard information security with the upmost importance.

It should come as no surprise that information security is a complex area to manage. We have seen data breaches happen even with some of the world’s largest corporations, and these risks are difficult to anticipate and diffuse.

As such, the most effective way to manage this sensitive information is to have the necessary frameworks in place. The Information Security Management Systems Framework (ISMF) complies with international regulations and standards.

“The ISMS will provide us with a systematic approach to combat a broad range of security risks, to protect both our own proprietary information assets and those over which we have a duty of care, such as customer data and employee’s personal information,” said Dr. Ravindra K Ahuja, President and CEO of Optym. “We have elected ISO 27001:2013 to be made part of the Optym Information Security Culture to safeguard our mission to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information resources.”

The latest certification is the result of a nine-month effort by Optym’s IT team, led by Aniket Yadav, and several other team members. Aniket will continue to serve as Optym’s Information Security Officer, and will ensure that these new standards are maintained and evolved as Optym continues to grow.

Our customers, business partners and stakeholders can all be assured that their sensitive information is in safe hands with Optym.