Yerevan, Armenia – After nine years of successful growth in Yerevan, Optym is delighted to announce the opening of a new office in the heart of Armenia’s capital city to allow the company to further grow their presence in Armenia. With enough space for up to 90 employees, the space is almost double the size of Optym’s first Armenian office and is now our second largest office in the world.

Founded in 2000 by Dr. Ravindra Ahuja, an expert in the field of network optimization whose textbook, ‘Network Flows’ has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide and is the leading textbook throughout many colleges worldwide. Dr. Ahuja has also taught at world-famous colleges, including the Indian Institute of Technology, the Sloan School of Management at MIT and the University of Florida.

With a stellar reputation for creating effective transportation optimization software throughout numerous industries, Optym’s list of clients includes companies from around the world like Southwest Airlines, Walmart, BHP Billiton and Deutsche Bahn.

The new space boasts a clean work environment that expands in three floors, includes a fully operational kitchen, and multiple conference and relaxation rooms. The new space has enough work space to accommodate several additional new employees in future. With over 12 conference rooms, the space will also encourage better collaboration and communication between team members globally.

The contemporary office space is in-keeping with Optym’s constant drive to stay modern and innovative. It also cements Optym’s existing reputation of being a significant global leader within the transportation logistics and software industry.

The team, which is largely focused on IT research and development, will ensure that Optym can continue their mission of creating the most innovative and effective transportation software on the market.

It is also an exciting opportunity for the people of Armenia. As Dr. Ravindra Ahuja, President and CEO of Optym, comments,

“We are very excited about our expansion in the capital of Armenia. I am deeply impressed by the sincere commitment and sense of ownership of our team members in Armenia. To honor and appreciate their efforts, we are giving our Armenian employees a place where they will love to work and build excellent software products that will change the world. The new space will enable us to increase our workforce in Armenia, and offer high-paying employment to new Armenian talent that will fuel the economy of Armenia, and also advance the existing software that Optym already creates.”

A grand opening of the office is being scheduled for next month and will include some of the country’s most notable figures, with invitations being extended to Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan and U.S Ambassador Richard Mills.