Gainesville’s WCJB-TV20 featured Optym in their “Tech Tuesday” segment this week.  Reporter Stefanie Lauber visited our global headquarters here in Gainesville to interview Dr. Krishna Jha, Optym’s Executive Vice President, and discuss the company’s mission to make the world more efficient. The segment traced Optym’s beginnings at the Gainesville Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC), our growth and expansion into our current home, and our successful partnerships with industry leaders such as CSX Transportation and Southwest Airlines.

 A focal point of the “Tech Tuesday” segment was Optym’s tradition of putting people first. Dr. Jha explains the company’s vision includes not only helping our clients boost profits and reduce costs, but also improve customer service: “You cannot ignore the service quality. You don’t want to have people wait for 12 hours at the airport because you want to make ten dollars more.” This principle applies to both Optym’s business practices and its company culture. Closing with a glimpse of our beloved Lunch and Learn sessions and flexible work schedule, the segment emphasized how this focus on people sets Optym apart. “People are the most important factor in what we do,” said Dr. Jha.

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