Jack Levis


Senior Director, Engineering

Jack drives the development of operational technology solutions at UPS. He has been the business owner and process designer for UPS’ Package Flow Technology suite; a breakthrough change which resulted in a reduction of 185 million miles driven each year. UPS ORION, the system designed by Jack’s team, is providing significant operational benefits to UPS and its customers. UPS estimates that ORION is reducing costs by $300 to $400 million per year.

Ecosystem for Dynamic Optimization Panel Discussion

Turning data into a business advantage through optimization is the goal of most organizations. The ever-growing availability of data, along with expanding computing power and tools, opens the door to businesses gaining competitive advantage through analytical processes and skills. For UPS, process reengineering, data management, and advanced analytics form the core to performance improvement. In this talk, we will share our experiences and best practices to compete with analytics, requiring organizational support in the form of data, tools, and senior management commitment.