Our Custom Software Development Process

Combining our decades of experience with our pre-existing intellectual property (IP) operations research libraries, and software modules, we develop custom software solutions in rapid development mode.

Complex problems call for complex solutions. Companies today are specific in terms of the services they provide to their customers. They are one of a kind, and software products that meet their needs may not always exist. We specialize in developing software solutions for them. We augment their teams with our team and provide our proven algorithms as an advance start to reduce the development time and cost and minimize risk.

Discovery and Assessment

We begin with the discovery step, in which we discover more about your company and your one-of-a-kind business processes. Through your preferred communication streams, we learn about your processes and the tools your company uses. Then, we visit your company and observe your operations, study your current systems and learn of their strengths and deficiencies. Our goal during this discovery process is to truly understand your business needs and assess how we can help.

Next, we give you an overview of our current products and their capabilities. We give demonstrations of current solutions and describe underlying models. We identify a current solution that comes closest to meeting your business need and assess what changes need to be made to modify or enhance your business needs. As we work closely with you, you will learn more about our expertise, experience, work ethic and work culture. In turn, we believe you will feel confident that you are in good hands, and working with a company that truly cares for you.

System Design

The next step in the project is the detailed design of your solution. We describe our process to solve the business problem, the algorithm approach to the problem and how this algorithm will be packaged within a decision automation system. We create mockups of user interfaces and explain how users will interact with the system. We also study inputs and outputs of the system, design databases and integration of our system with your IT systems.  If we are building a complex solution, we create a delivery roadmap and divide the project in multiple phases with the objective of putting the system in the hands of users as soon as possible. An early delivery implies early value creation, early user feedback and greater user acceptance. A detailed development plan is the main deliverable of this step.

System Development

We next go to the development phase, in which we develop the entire system as outlined in the system design step. We assemble a team representing all skill sets needed for development – business analysts, algorithm developers, database scientists, graphic designers and application developers. We develop the system in an agile manner with four-week iterations. Several iterations are combined into a phase and several phases constitute the project. At the end of each phase, we review the design of the next phase, revise the design if needed and then start the development. We use the lessons learned in previous phases to refine the design of future phases.

During system development, we extensively use our library of existing algorithms and software modules to reduce the manpower resources and speed up the development period. With our set of pre-packaged components, which we use as much as possible, we perform modifications of these components if needed. We keep you informed of the project progress and facilitate the development of the system with you as it evolves over time. We allow some flexibility in development and make changes to the original design, if needed, to meet your exact business needs.

Deployment and Support

We integrate our solution with your systems to receive data and write data at periodic intervals. This amalgamation is done at the database level with minimum or no manual involvement. We do a detailed user acceptance testing using our ISO 9001-certified processes and personnel and then take the system live. We provide 24/7/365 support, and our team is accessible through email and phone with quick response time. We also are happy to upgrade your new system as changing business needs actualize, including when new versions of operating systems and databases become available.

Collaborative Design Development

We build our solution jointly with you throughout our partnership. We share every design from rough sketches to completed applications, and we document all requirements and changes to provide complete visibility. This ensures that the end result meets your business needs, easily integrates with your system and is responsive and easy to use. By working hand in hand with you from start to finish, we give you the best solutions to meet your business need and optimize your business processes.