We make the world more efficient.

Develop more profitable and robust airline flight schedules.
Reduce linehaul costs while improving service quality.
Improve asset utilization and reduce operating costs.

What can we do for you?

Reduce Operating Costs

Increase Network Capacity

Improve Service Quality

Optym builds decision automation and optimization solutions in the field of logistics and transportation.
These systems improve service, reduce costs and make your business more efficient.

Make your operations more efficient…

for all modes of transportation



Optym has developed advanced software solutions to create the most profitable flight schedules, honoring numerous business rules and constraints. It has also developed programs that improve the robustness of flight schedules that can readily withstand day-to-day disruptions.

  • Clean-sheet flight schedule optimization
  • Fleet type and flight time optimization
  • Flight schedule robustness simulation
  • Hotspot analysis and resolution


Decision problems faced by less than truckload shipping (LTL) carriers are very difficult due to the complexity introduced by the routings of numerous origin-destination pairs of shipments through a hub-and-spoke network. Through groundbreaking research to solve these problems, Optym has packaged the results of this research into software products that have become industry standard.

  • Linehaul plan optimization
  • Linehaul schedule optimization
  • Shipment route optimization
  • Driver scheduling


Optym has built solutions for different areas of railroads, including planning, execution and data analytics. We have more intellectual property in this domain than any other company in the world and are developing enterprise solutions to run entire railroads.

  • Train schedule optimization
  • Locomotive plan optimization
  • Real-time yard planning
  • Real-time train movement planning
  • Rail business intelligence

What we bring to the table:

Software Products

Optym is building decision automation and optimization products to meet specific business needs for railroads, airlines and trucking companies.

Custom Development

We use our pre-existing intellectual property,  algorithms and library of software modules to create software solutions tailored for your specific needs.

Consulting Services

By merging our deep subject matter expertise with our software products developed through years of R&D, we provide scientific solutions to your most pressing business problems.

Our team has all of the skills needed to help you succeed.

Optym was founded by a leading academician and researcher; thus, technical leadership and scholarship are the key traits of our team members. Our roots in academia allow us to utilize the latest findings in operations research and computer science into the core of our software solutions.

We are a very diverse team that draws high quality talent from different countries. Yet all of us here share a common goal of solving complex problems faced by the industries we serve and making a big societal impact.


Our clients include some of the largest companies across the globe.

Our products and services enable them to be more efficient while reducing operating costs and improving service quality.

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